A zombie Halloween experience like no other in Las Vegas

About Arden Relocation Center

We welcome you to Arden Relocation Center. This is a safe and secure community designed for survivors like you. Here at ARC you will have shelter, sustenance, and protection from any zombie encounters. You will have all of the resources required to survive the zombie apocalypse provided to you. ARC needs YOU! Get out of the cold, violent, and harsh environment by joining us, HERE, at ARC. Our current community members are here, awaiting your arrival. Join our family, be with us at ARC.

About The Experience

A zombie Halloween experience like no other in Las Vegas. We will have drinks provided by BarBashLV. Gary Tan of The Phoenix Bar & Lounge will be serving some of the best food in Vegas. Live entertainment will come in the form of DJs, bands, and performers every night. Immerse yourself in the best zombie environment you’ve seen. This event will have options for all ages. We look forward to seeing you at ARC!

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