Come to ARC

Zombies! The world is in ruin. Fear, panic and terror have become routine. We are the remaining survivors. Only a handful of safe areas remain; one of which is Arden Relocation Center. Arden is a train depot located in Las Vegas, a once thriving tourist destination – now a city in decay.

Here at ARC we have created a safe haven with food, drinks, entertainment, and shelter… our mission is protecting our residents. We provide training and instruction on how to survive. Discover our facility, and the secret’s that lie within.

Experience #1 - Orientation

Welcome to Arden Relocation Center. You’re safe now. Here you will be processed into the facility. Your new way of life under our supervision begins now. All incoming refugees will undergo indoctrination. This is necessary to ensure a strong community. You will train how to eliminate zombie threats and how to work as a team. Trust in us. Trust in your benefactors. We have your best interests in mind.

Experience #2 - Quarantine

The doctor will see you now… Enter his lab to see what creepy experiments he’s working on next. You’ll be subjected to his medical exams to confirm your status of non-infected. But wait, this place may not be the safe haven you were promised. In case of containment breech, the facility will be locked down. Escape the facility staff and newly infected alike! If you do, you’re one step closer to being transported to Sanctuary Station.

Experience #3 - Outbreak

After all your training is complete, you’ll board one of the Humvees to take you to Sanctuary Station where a new safe city is being built. Our soldiers will scout the road ahead and provide protection. Hopefully there won’t be any zombies along the way! If there is, follow your guides to safety. Clear your mind, don’t panic, trust in our plan for your protection. Do not be afraid of your surroundings, we have your best interests in mind. Believe in ARC, follow us to salvation, stay the path.

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